What To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation Online? How can I meet up with her without receiving an excuse? To prevent this from happening again, today we will share with you 13 ultimate conversation topics for your WhatsApp chats and how to turn them into dates.

What To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation Online? – 13 Whats App Topics From Chat To Date:


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What To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation Online? 13 tips, topics & questions

You write back and forth with Anna, Julia, Lena, Nicole and Marina on WhatsApp, but you never get to hang out with these girls! You have what it takes to text and flirt a little with your girls, but as soon as you tell them “Let’s go on a date”, the girls usually reply with “I am busy, maybe another time…” . Slowly you are really starting to feel desperate, because they constantly give you another excuse or the girls just stop answering you. But don’t worry. With our latest Whats App Guide, there‘s an end to this tough situation! What do I say to a girl? How can I go on a date with her without her giving me an excuse? We will answer these questions for you now. You will also get 13 ultimate answers to the question of how to correctly text girls so that they will never give you an excuse again. You will see: After the following video all the numbers you got will gradually turn into real dates! You got a number from a girl in the club and you‘ve probably texted her by now: “Hey, it was nice meeting you yesterday”, or just a boring one liner: “Hi” or “Hi. How are you?” the morning after? If you don’t get an answer it is probably because of your first message as 99% of the boys send one of these boring messages to the girls after being lucky enough to get their number the night before. And honestly: Can you really expect an answer to that? The answer is obvious: Not really! Because unfortunately, most girls receive this type of WhatsApp message every day. But you will no longer bore your girls in the future, because you will now get to know the 13 tried and tested WhatsApp tips from us to avoid this!

#1: Texting girls: Tips & Tricks – The Right Time

If you text a girl on WhatsApp and send her a boring or empty and common message, you have made the first big mistake. Instead, you could refer to a common ground that you shared the night before, thus increasing your chances of success enormously! You have to bring the girls back to your world in which you left them yesterday, be it the club or on the street. Here is an example of it: You met the cute Laura on Saturday evening and you got along well right away while also having a great conversation. You would be talking about Jared Leto, Justin Bieber or a VIP because you ran past a guy who looked extremely similar to Jared Leto, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift.

The next day, of course, you want the girl to come over to your place for a small private party. In that case, send her the following message: “Hello Laura. Will you drop by my party tonight? Jared Leto is coming too! You can also bring Lara and Lena with you”. This is how you can already remind Laura of the good mood she had with you the day before.

#2 Chatting with girls: Sending her a message on WhatsApp at the wrong time

If you got a girls number, text her back on the same day. If you met her in the club, make sure to send her a message the same night. If you want to flirt with the girls over SMS or text them on WhatsApp, do not wait for too long. There is a very simple reason for this: You are not the only guy that got her number and she will still know who you are.

#3 Texting girls: She stops responding to you

Why is it that the girls you talk to stop texting you back? It is simple: You were having a boring interview like conversation with the usual questions. Avoid questions in your WhatsApp chat such as “What do you do for a living?”, “What are your hobbies?”, “Tell me something about yourself”, “How old are you?”. These girls always get bombarded by such questions. Never immediately ask these questions. Instead, turn these questions into aussumptions. For instance, if you want to find out where your girl lives, tell her: “Let me guess. Do you live in Haidhausen or in Bogenhausen?” (both are parts of Munich). You are comparing two parts of the city.

#4 Writing with girls Tips: Avoid multiple questions

Many guys make the mistake of asking three, four or five questions in a row in their WhatsApp chats. Do not do that. If you ask her five questions at once, you will quickly run out of things to tell. Send her five questions in five different messages instead. Spreading these question over the day is the best option while you are at it. If you ask her everything in one message, you will soon have nothing to tell each other.

So, avoid multiple questions!

#5 The girl asks you multiple questions

What should you do now? Simple answer: You get to choose one question and only answer this ONE QUESTION. Do not worry, the girls will ask you the other questions again or ask you why you did not respond to the other questions. This is how you drag out the conversation and have more topics for the messages later. Ultimately, you get more out of it than if you answer all of her questions in just one message and immediately respond to everything she wants from you.

#6 Do not just reply with text messages

Instead, answer your girl with photos, voice messages or another type of medium. A small example: Your girl asks you “What are you doing right now?” to which you can say “I’m on the couch”, “I’m home” or “I’m working”. You can also send a photo of your couch, your home or your work with you on it. Photos can tell you more than words. Send her a photo to show her more of your life and to build a more personal bond with her.

#7 What To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation Online? Send her photos instead of texting!

Mark the best photos of you on your smartphone with a star and save them as favorites. If a girl asks you what you are doing right now, you look for a nice picture from your favorites folder and send it to her. It is definitely good if you have a large portfolio with beautiful pictures in different everyday situations that you can send her if necessary.

#8 What do I say to a girl I like? Answer with videos

Send your girl a video from your life. You don’t have to be on the video. Just send her a video from your perspective, because this way you will slowly but surely develop a more intensive relationship with her.

#9 What to talk about with girls?

It isn’t always to find an interesting topic to talk about. But if you mark the best questions with a star on WhatsApp that a girl asked you in the past, then you always have good topics and questions ready when you need them.

# 10 Don’t respond to your girl right away

Always give yourself some time. There is a very simple reasoning to that, namely that you have so much more to talk about and you are not running out of topics. Before a date, you should chat a little more with your girls. After all, you want to build a relationship with her and increase the trust before going on a date.

# 11 The girl doesn’t answer you anymore

You text her before your date and the girl just doesn’t answer you anymore? What are you doing? Don’t ever send her further text messages or a question mark. Message her with her first name and an exclamation mark as well as a smiley at the end, nothing else. You will see that it works! You’ll find amazing results in this video:

# 12 Do you just want to chat with the girls or meet them?

WhatsApp is a chat messenger, but you shouldn’t just chat with a girl for weeks. Because WhatsApp is there to bridge the time between getting to know each other and seeing each other again. That means: You only use WhatsApp to end what you couldn’t finish with your girl when you first met her. The only reason you are texting her is so that you can see her again as soon as possible and to go on a date.

# 13 She gives you an excuse and doesn’t want to meet you – What To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation Online?

Why is that? This is probably due to your previous chat and the previous chat was simply boring! But you can still turn it all around by telling her funny stories and flirting with her in a different way, setting yourself apart from other guys. Funny flirting while texting is important, otherwise you will just come across as too dry. Do not bore the girls with serious, serious questions, but ask them questions that others do not ask. That makes you seem different and more attractive.

Of course, it isn’t always easy to be spontaneous and come up with playful and creative stories. No worries, though! In our WhatsApp Guide “From number to date” we have put everything together for you. Flirt via WhatsApp, topics for a conversation with girls, interesting things to talk about with your girl and so much more! Hundreds of stories, live chats and questions have been compiled in this WhatsApp Guide so that you can approach your girls with interesting stories at any time. Here you can find out exactly what to text her after getting her a number and how to go on a date – without excuses or anything of that kind from her. Check it out and just give it a try!

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