If you already get 2-3 matches per day using the free version of Tinder, then the following video will help you out, and with the right Tinder Plus settings you can increase your matches fourfold and get more than 10 matches per day.

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold: Worth It? – Tinder Plus for 400% more matches as shown in this video:


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Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold: Worth It? Yes! Get A Minimum Of 10 Matches Per Day

The dating app Tinder is generally free to use for every user. Tinder Plus provides the user with a paid version that contains a wider range of functions. So you might be wondering: Is it worth upgrading to the paid version? This question can be answered quite easily. If you can achieve three to four matches per day on the free version, then Tinder Plus offers you benefits and you can generate up to ten matches per day. How you can do this, even if you don’t have any Tinder Plus experience, is explained in more detail below. If you are not able to generate three to four matches per day with the Basic version, then you should optimise your photos or profile description. The first picture should be the most meaningful and your text should not be offensive and make you look needy. If you manage to get three to four matches a day with the Basic version, then you should definitely invest in Tinder Plus. For ten to fifteen euros a day, Tinder Plus is the cheapest of all dating apps. However, this always depends on the duration of the subscription and your age.

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold: Worth It? Now you are probably wondering about the advantages of Tinder Plus and what you can do with them. First of all, you can use them to improve your ELO score, i.e. your ranking. Because as you may know, each profile is evaluated and receives a corresponding ranking. If you get a match out of a hundred women, your score will be one percent. The higher your rating is, the further ahead you are in the queue and the more visible you are to the women. However, if your tactic is to randomly like every woman, no matter what she looks like, Tinder thinks: the “one percent man” also likes the “one percent women”. This means that you will inevitably be shown only those ladies, which will degrade the quality of your Tinder profile. If you want to improve the quality and display more popular women, you need to improve your ranking. Therefore you should not randomly swipe all women to the right, but pay attention to your internal score. You can check in the Plus version if it is already screwed up or not. You have the possibility to choose another city from which you want to see the ladies. At that location you should get twenty to thirty matches on fifty swipes. If this is not the case, then your score is most likely messed up, because you are standing in the queue, much further back. But if you manage to get twenty to thirty matches in the new city, you can improve your score considerably and get twenty to thirty matches on fifty swipes in your hometown as well.

Tinder Plus advantages to get more matches

The advantage of using this tactic is that you can choose in your settings not to show the distance between you and all the ladies, so that they are not deterred. In addition, if your account is linked to Facebook, you should also change your age on Facebook so that it ends with a an eight or a nine. Many women look for men within a range of eighteen to twenty-nine years, for example. If you turn thirty, you will no longer be displayed to this potential audience and will not be able to get matches. If you have changed your age, all you have to do is select in the settings that you no longer want to be publicly displayed and you will no longer be lying to women. You can also improve your ELO score by searching for women in the neighbouring cities of your home town, for example, and setting a relatively small search radius there. This increases the likelihood that you will match with women who have a small search radius, even though you actually prefer a larger search radius. The most effective way to increase your ELO score is to use a Tinder Boost, which is free of charge once a month with the Tinder Plus version. This will put you at the top of the ranking for half an hour. You should do this in another city, and between Thursday and Sunday evening around twenty-one o’clock. This gives you the possibility to generate over two hundred matches. This will massively improve your ELO score.

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold: Worth It? Tinder Plus is worth its cost!

With the options we have described above, you can easily increase the number of matches you get even without the Tinder Plus experience. But you should always keep in mind: The basis for this is an attractive profile with the perfect photos and a matching profile description. Don’t let the Tinder Plus costs deter you, because an investment in the paid upgrade is bound to pay off in the form of matches.

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