Hey Superstar! You are not getting matches on Tinder anymore? With these four simple Tinder tips you will quickly get more matches on Tinder! You may already know one of these solutions, others may surprise you.

Tinder – No Matches Or Messages? Do This And Get More Matches:


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Tinder – No Matches Or Messages? 4 solutions for instantly more Tinder matches

The most important thing for a gentleman is the first impression on the ladies. That is why appealing Tinder photos and a good Tinder profile description are a minimum requirement to score any points. You should therefore pay attention to these things: a good photo quality, your face (don’t wear sunglasses) and you upper body (with clothes!) should mainly take the picture’s frame. You will definitely look much more outgoing and sociable. You should therefore pay attention to proper body language as well. The effect of a good Tinder profile should also not be underestimated. If the picture and profile description do not match, it is possible that the woman will not feel any interest in you. An unhappy linguistic expression could also put women off. If you are unsure about the text in the Tinder description, leave it empty!

Tinder – No Matches Or Messages – more Matches with the right age settings

Another reason as to why you’re not getting Matches on Tinder anymore is that you have set up a too narrow age range in your Tinder settings. If all you want is to meet women not older than 29 years of age, you would not be getting matched with women that are older than that, even though they might be interested in you due to their age preferences. They will not be shown due to your Tinder settings and therefore a Tinder Match would never take place between you two. To get more Matches on Tinder it is worth increasing the age limit. That’s how you can use the Tinder algorithm to your advantage, and not against you. You will get more Tinder Matches if you change the age range in your Tinder settings.

Get more Matches with the proper radius settings

Tinder – No Matches Or Messages: If Tinder doesn’t have any more Matches for you, you might want to try increasing your radius. Also, when travelling to foreign cities, you should tinder a lot, because there is still a higher chance of making new contacts. Women who have already liked you, but do not live in your area, will now be able to match with you. You will notice the difference immediately, just try it out!

Create a new Tinder account

If every attempt fails, there is probably a plausible explanation for not getting Tinder Matches anymore: You don’t have matches on tinder because you’ve been on it for too long. There is only one radical solution: delete your current Tinder account and register with a new one! But be careful: All your Matches will be deleted! However, the “game” will start all over again and you will be able to generate new matches! Right now, today!

Tinder – No Matches Or Messages: Do this!

Why not create a new account and try out the other three tips to get more matches on Tinder? Use new photos, a wider age range and a larger radius. Women who didn’t like you before, because they didn’t like your pictures, or weren’t on your radar because of the wrong settings, will definitely be seeing you now!

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