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3 First Message Text Samples  For Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel & Co.:


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Tinder First Message Templates – Use these texts to write to women

In our video you see 3 Tinder openers templates and tinder messages for the first approach as examples. No matter if you use the tinder Icebreaker for the first message or after a match on tinder, our templates are well received by every profile. Our “How to Text Women” messages are very simple and you can have a lot of success with them. Just follow our tips for your messages and your profile and the women and girls will reply to you. Guaranteed!

Hinge + Coffee Meets Bagel first message templates: The No Go’s

Pay attention to your profile picture before you text any women. Otherwise, they will be contacted from a meadow or a beach or whatever you use as your profile photo. Men also like to use photos where they are hardly recognizable. For example, because they stand in the back light, hide their face behind a smiley face or emoji, hold the mobile phone in front of their face when they are in front of the mirror, they are in a group picture or because the focus is on the background and they are only slightly visible. Make sure that your face is clearly visible on your profile picture, otherwise you will quickly make the women lose interest in you. With all the messages women get on Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble & Co. there’s no time to look at the photos in detail.

Refrain from compliments. What’s really good in real life can have the exact opposite effect online. “Hey, pretty face” or “Wow, nice hair” are totally unsuitable for the first message. This often leads to the next mistake: “Hey, how are you?” is probably the most popular question for an ice breaker. Better not do that! The woman replies with “Thank you, good” and that’s it. Texting women with our 3 templates is a much better way to do it.

Bumble first message templates – This is how it’s done

A simple example would be women who, according to their profile picture, like to travel and can be seen in New York, Paris or London for instance. Be sure to use these templates to quickly and easily get a conversation going. You don’t even have to have been there, but it always works as a good ground to step on in order to get the ball rolling.

Another way to approach women is to use templates from their profile. If she comes from a different country or city, you can ask her a specific question. She will definitely answer it. This template can be replaced by any country or city and can therefore always be used as an ice breaker.

Our third tip: Ask questions instead! There are women who look like a well-known personality on their profile picture. Men make the mistake and then tell her: “Hey, you look like Cameron Diaz!”. That’s the exact message that will drown in the thousands of messages she gets. Turn the tables on her and just ask her if she’s been asked this many times before. You always get an answer to a question and maybe a counter-question – and then you’re having a conversation.

Messages to send to women – your creativity is needed

You see, it takes some creativity to avoid being lost in the masses. Of course, there is no such thing as THE Super Texter, but you should put a little more thought into it. In our online program we have put together the right templates for you, which are suitable for all women and girls. Whether they are small or tall, blonde or brunette, slim or curvy – we have the right template for every woman. Even when there are absolutely no clues to be found on her profile.

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