Do you use Tinder? Do you want the ladies to text you first on Tinder without you having to think about a first message? Just use this Tinder Status on your profile and wait for the surprises you‘re going to get.

Tinder Bio For Guys To Get More Girls – Add This To Your Tinder Profile:


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Tinder Bio For Guys: The perfect Tinder Profile for more dates

The key for the women to text you first lies in your Tinder Profile and in your Tinder description. You don‘t have to type in every single detail in your description to have more success with the girls on Tinder. There‘s no need to fill out everything. Less is more! The less you present, the more the women will find you mysterious and exciting.

You can put up the following details on your Tinder profile: religion, profession, education, living situation, smoker.

Use only the following options on Tinder in order to upgrade your profile:

Looking for
Interested in
Relationship status: Single

Tinder Profile: Information in your Tinder About Me description

Giving out less information about yourself in your Tinder description is not the right way to get the women to text you first. The solution lies in your Tinder About Me description. Regarding the Tinder About Me description, you need to know that almost all men describe themselves in the same way in their Tinder profile and use the same Tinder status messages.

Tinder Status Messages – How not to do it:

“1.75m tall, hobbies: soccer, golf, poker, billiards, TV, hanging out with friends. Character: loyal, honest, reliable, spontaneous, humorous“

This is how almost every man makes use of his description. With a Tinder About Me description like that, you‘re not setting yourself apart from other men and there is no incentive for the women to text you. Almost every man at Tinder is humorous, spontaneous, honest, romantic, keen to travel, and adventurous.

To make you look more attractive to the women on Tinder, you have to describe yourself differently and set yourself apart from all the other men. Instead of stating that you‘re humorous, express your humor this way:

“1.45m, hobbies: The Bachelor, Germanys Next Top Model, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives. Character: unfaithful, unreliable, dishonest, unspontaneous, humorless“

This is how you can display your humor. There‘s no need to mention that you‘re humorous or fun to be around when you can just show it right away. Now you‘re different and much more interesting than all the other Tinder profiles that look the same. However, it still isn‘t your Tinder profile status that‘s going to get the women to text you first. There are many Tinder status lines that work well as long as you don‘t make the aforementioned mistakes.

The Tinder status, bio and profile: Two words and the devil emoji

Use the following Tinder About Me description as your Tinder status message and have the ladies text you first. It‘s simple:

Another Mistake EMOJI

With these two words in your Tinder description, the women will text you first.

Tinder Bio & Description: Add a list of principles

In order to ensure that up to 30% of women write to you first, you have to add a small list of principles to the Tinder status saying above. 3-4 principles in your Tinder About Me description and then the women write to you and tell you stories from their lives without you having to write to Tinder or ask for them.

In order to ensure that up to 30% of the women text you first, you have to add a small list of principles to apply to your Tinder status messages mentioned earlier. Use 3 – 4 principles in your Tinder About Me description and you‘ll see how the women will text you first and tell you their life stories without you having to message them first at all on Tinder.

We have created a Tinder profile with our Tinder descriptions and Tinder status slogans and within a week we ended up receiving more than 120 first messages from 120 different women.

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