Making a few changes in your online presence and stepping up your texting game by becoming a little more individual with your messages than the mass, is ultimately going to up your response rate to a 100% on any dating app, singles dating site or dating agency. The 3 templates shown in the video can be used anywhere and with them, you are guaranteed to get a response!

Online Dating First Message: 3 Conversation Starters For Tinder, Bumble & Co. That Work:


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Online Dating First Message & Conversation Starters: Texting women on Tinder, Bumble, Edarling & Co.

Before you send that first message to a woman, make sure that your profile picture looks good. Choose a picture of your face as your first profile picture. You can follow that up with full body pictures or images of you working out, traveling etc. Put on a friendly smile on your first photo so that the women you message are more likely to be convinced of you and your smile. They‘ll be happy to read your message.

Texting women #2: 5 characteristics of a good first message

1. Approach the women by their name or user name so that even a copy & paste message will look more personal than a usual “Hi” or “How are you?”

2. Ask them a question. Only those who ask a question can get an answer.

3. Keep your message as short as possible. A lot of the dating apps and singles dating sites limit the characters you can see before opening the chat.

4. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar.

5. End the message with your name so that you can add a personal note to your message.

Online Dating First Message & Conversation Starters #3: Messages you should avoid sending

If you’ve ever signed up on Tinder, Lovoo or Bumble acting as a woman, you’ve probably noticed that 90% of the men on there use the same approach or message. You can even ask friends of yours to show their chat logs, it’s not going to be any different. They bore the women with either a “Hi”, “How are you?”, “Good evening” or a compliment like “Nice pictures” or “Nice profile”. Women receive about hundreds of messages of that kind, daily. To set yourself apart from all the other boring men out there, we will show you examples and templates to use when approaching women online.

Texting women #4: 3 sample texts for a 100% response rate

Every time you check out an online dating profile, you’ll notice that the women always type the same thing into their bio. This means that you’ll always be able to touch upon the same aspects, making it easy to use our 3 templates. Go ahead and watch the video to see which template works best for travel photos, details about their height or which one you can use when you see a woman looking similar to a celebrity. If you find that they haven’t put up any details about themselves, you can make use of our 28 templates you can download below. You can use them to approach women with no info in their bio. Whether she’s got pictures with dogs, cats, her friends, other men or pictures of her vacation, the gym or parties, they’ll do wonders! You’ll always have a great conversation starter for any dating app, singles dating site or dating agency at hand.

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