Would you like to use an escort service and you have no idea how it works exactly? We show you what to expect and how to book an escort lady to spend a few nice hours with you and to get away from your stressful daily business.

Escort service: What is it exactly?

As simple as it is, an escort agency offers you an escort service. For example they provide men or women for you to spend quality time. Before the actual date you agree on how much time you spend together, how much happens on the date and of course what to expect financially. If the date ends with sex that is a form of prostitution but unlike brothels and other establishments it is way more classy.

Escort service in London and the surrounding area

If you live in London or the surrounding areas you are able to use the first-class service of the London Premium Escorts Agency “Bentleys of London”, which is an elite escort agency from UK. All you have to do is choose the woman of your dreams from our online selection and get in touch. You can book your companion for a business trip, a weekend getaway or a few intimate hours.

There is definately a lady who suits you. Weather you are into brunettes, blondes, curvy ones, sweet girls or mature women – we have what you are looking for. With us you can choose the woman of your dreams. She can be charming, intelligent, sensual, sexy, entertaining or all at once.

Escort service: What to expect financially?

The price does vary depending on several factors. The agencys fee, a hourly rate and a commission. An escort lady is usually self employed and pays a commission to the agency. This depends on the agencys services, the duration and the quantity of the bookings. Nowadays, escort agencies provide their services online. If legal in the country you can also find advertisements in the newspapers, on several events or social media.

Escort service: What role has the escort agency?

An escort agency is responsible for the marketing and managing the costs. They take care of the pictures, the description and the presentation of the ladies. The agency also provides the contact with the customer and give them advice if needed. They coordinate the bookings. This is timeconsuming and a great help for the escort ladies. The agency ensures the safety of the escort ladies. Especially during the quality time between the customer and the escort the agency is available to step in if anything unforseen happens. That is a relief for the escort lady.

Escort Service: What is the difference to a brothel?

Even if both offer an erotic time with someone, they differ a lot. If you choose an escort service the prices are higher. That definately attracts a different group of customers. These are all men or women coming from a wealthier background or work well-paid jobs. Compared to brothels the average houlry price of an escort is between 500 and 800 GBP. And it is not uncommon for an escort to be booked for several days and not only for one or two hours.

This is what escort service really looks like – From the life of an escort lady

The 26-year old Lisa reports from her everyday life as an escort in London. She used to work as a doctors assistant. Today she works fulltime as an escort and takes care of lonely businessman. She accompanies the men to nice restaurants, bars or hotels. Like the other day, Lisa was booked to spend the evening and the night with a business man. In total she was working 12 hours and earning 2000 GBP. A comission goes to the agency, the rest is for her.

The escort

Many men book the escort service for very different reasons. They want to take her on a business trip, to trade fairs or on a vacation. No matter where she accompanies the man and weather it comes to sex or not, it is always the escort who decides how far she goes. She is not forced to sleep with the man. But of course many men expect that because they spend money for her time. And most of the time they do get their intimate time with her.

Escort service out of boredom

Almost four years ago Lisa had mixed feelings about escort agencies and the work of the escort ladies. But last year her opinion changed completely. Her boyfriend broke up with her and moved out of the apartment. She was left alone with the too expensive apartment, frustrated, bored and also she wanted to try something new and exciting. She did reach out to an escort agency and became an escort herself. As her first intentions where to earn some extra money fast, get away from her everyday boring life and have some excitement she started liking her new job. The men she met with the agency were definately more exciting than her usual dates and affairs.

Men want recognition and variety

Lisa, the former doctors assistant, feels like most men just need someone to talk to. The topics vary: work, anoying coworkers, other businesses, and much much more. Mostely they are married or in a serious relationship where they feel really unmanly and frustrated. They discribe their married life as ungrateful and unpleasant. Their spouses are constantly in a bad mood and refuse having sex with them. That is mostly their main frustration.

Lisa sees it as her job to give them a good time, a good feeling and to make them feel comfortable again. She listens very carefully and to her this is the most important thing and the reason for the men to book her again and again. After their time together, their intimacy and their long deep conversation they feel that someone understands them and they feel so much better.


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