Hey Superstar! Learn how to text the hot girls on Tinder without a match.

How To Text On Tinder Without A Match? – This video tells you how to do it:


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How To Text On Tinder Without A Match? Wait! Take your time when you are on Tinder

Almost every man makes the same mistake over and over again in order to generate a match on Tinder, because they simply swipe every single woman’s profile to the right. Heart, heart, heart… all of them are swept to the right while you are hoping that some woman will match with you. But that is the wrong approach because what happens now? You’re practically throwing away 50 hearts, 50 chances and then you have to hope that in the next few hours some woman will match with you. That leaves the question: What do you do now? How can you text on Tinder without a match? First of all, don’t go and like everything and everyone. Because now the following happens: The hottest, the best, the most beautiful woman pops up on Tinder. You see the lady, you’re already in love, you want to marry her, you want to get in touch with her, but if you swipe right now, you depend on whether she likes you or not. Otherwise there will be no match and your chance is over. You are out and you have no chance to contact her. So what do you do now? Here’s what to do when your dream girl shows up on Tinder, STOP,… don’t press the heart, take a close look at her profile, look at her photos and look at the following profile information.

Did she link her Tinder account to Instagram?

Most attractive ladies on Tinder have their Instagram profile linked, and you can tell by looking at all the photos from Instagram at the bottom of her Tinder profile. Or if they haven’t linked their Instagram account to Tinder directly, many girls still put their Instagram name or Snapchat name in the Tinder description. That means, if you see an attractive lady that you like, take your time. Make sure to follow these steps: Check her profile for information about her Instagram and text her on Instagram. You can now press on the heart but you are not dependent on whether it leads to match or not. You don’t have to hope whether she likes you or not, because you got her Instagram name and now you can text her on Instagram. How To Text On Tinder Without A Match. Do this:

Response rate around of 95% – without a Tinder Match

By the way, if you text a women on Instagram, the chance of her responding to you is much higher than if you text her on Tinder, because the response rate is between 95% and 100%. Why is that? On Instagram hardly any men are texting women. Instagram is not a dating site and if you go on there just being casual, she will answer your questions with much more curiosity. Even the most beautiful ladies that got 10.000, 15.000, 20.000 or 50.000 Instagram followers will respond to you there.

How To Text On Tinder Without A Match? Don’t bore her with your first message

Take a close look at her profile on Instagram, look at her photos, what she has done, look at her hashtags, maybe look at what she has written under the photos and mention that when messaging her. Same procedure as with Tinder! Now, don’t bore her with just a simple “Hi”, “How are you?” or “Nice photo”. And especially no “Hey, I saw you on Tinder, but we don’t have a match, so I’m texting you on here…” If you can’t come up with a decent approach for Instagram, we have put together a selection of the best ways to approach a lady. These are truly individual and personalized and they show an interest in her photos. It doesn’t matter if she has travel photos uploaded, photos from the gym, photos with pets, photos with cats, with her girl friends, with friends… No matter what kind of photos she has posted online, no matter what her status is. With our 28 first text messages, you’ll always have enough individual ideas that you can text her, so that up to 100% of the ladies on Instagram will respond to you.

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