First Date, should I pay? Got a date! What to do without any money? This question has probably been on your mind before going on some dates. Therefore we will show you 4 solutions that you can apply so that you won‘t be spending a single penny in the future.

How To Date Without Money? – You will never be paying again:


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First Date – Tip #1: How To Date Without Money? You are on a date with the woman of your dreams

The known issue of the “pay or not to pay” first date is a conflict that makes even the ladies feel unsure. Many of them don’t want to be asked out or invited while others think “If this guy doesn’t ask me out, he’s out!” As an answer to this question you will receive four elegant ways to get a first date going without any money. And after learning about these four solutions, you will be given a method that you can always use so that your dates won’t cost a single penny in the future: You are on a date with a girl and you already notice that it is all going well. She is the absolute woman of your dreams – optically and also in terms of her character – and you would like to see her again. Then take over the bill. But if you notice on a date that things aren’t going well and she’s not really your type and you don’t want to see her again, then you don’t have to pay the bill at all.

Dating tip #2: The first round is on you,the second round is on me

How To Date Without Money? To lower the money spent on the first date, remember the following sentence: the first round is on me, the second round is on you! You’ve probably already seen the other dating videos and know that the perfect date should always consist of at least two locations. First you go to one bar and when you realize “Wow, this is going great!”, you can make your way to the next bar. This way you ensure that there is no compromise being made as when it comes to “going on a date without money” as the bill is split between the two of you – in a fair way. However, make sure to offer to pay for the drinks in the first bar by taking out your wallet and signalling her that you are ready to pay. At this point many ladies will tell you that it isn’t necessary. Now you can suggest that the first round is on you and the second round is going to be on your date.

Dating ideas tip #3: Self-service restaurants like Vapiano & Co.

First date and no money? Then at least reduce the invoice amount. As you probably already know, it’s best to avoid eating out. However, self-service chains such as Vapiano are a good option. You are always on the move there, not really sitting stiffly at a table all the time as you walk over to the pasta counter or pizza place to then enjoy your meal together. The good thing about Vapiano: You and your lady can pay for the food yourself using your handy and practical cards. Afterwards you can order a drink at the bar, where – again – you can take over the bill for the wines and whatnot.

When you go over to the cash desk, you can still decide on whether to pay the whole bill and take her card or simply stick to your card in case it didn’t work out so well. Sometimes it is enough of a sign when you have paid for the drinks. Date Without Money!

Dating tip #4: When George Clooney dates your mom

This tip is aimed at the older gentlemen. Especially older women think it’s nice be invited from time to time. They do not expect it, but consider it a charming gesture. Especially if – during the date – you notice that you have a better paid job than your counterpart and are, for instance, a manager while she may work as a cleaning lady or a helping hand in the kitchen, then you should act like a real gentleman as an older man. But of course, as always, this is only applicable if you really want to see her again!

Dating Tip #5: Start building up enough trust through WhatsApp and the date may take place at your home

Build up enough trust prior to going on a date using WhatApp. That way the first date may not have to take place in a bar or restaurant. Instead, you should invite her over to your place or suggest going on a date at their place. You’ll find several WhatsApp templates on our website to help you get your chat going in the right direction. This way you will only have to cover the cost for one or two bottles of wine or another non-alcoholic beverage at max. Otherwise, just go with date ideas that do not require any money. For example, invite them to accompany you on a shopping tour in the city. If everything goes well, you can always ask them to come over to your place after a good walk to get to know each other thoroughly.

That’s it. How To Date Without Money.

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