Are you trying to attract women but you don’t know what to say? In our YouTube video you will find examples of how you can approach women on the street, in a club or disco in just 3 seconds with confidence.

How To Approach A Girl You Don’t Know:


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How To Approach A Girl You Don’t Know? Examples for when on the street, in clubs or at a bar

Approaching women in 3 seconds – You have probably heard of the rule that you should approach women within 3 seconds of seeing them. We will explain to you why this rule is important and what you can do when the 3 seconds are over because you have thought for too long. At the end you will be given a line that you can always aproach women with – within 3 seconds. We guarantee you that you will meet attractive women anytime and quickly.

Approaching women with confidence – It does not matter what it is about

Why should you talk to women in 3 seconds? It is very simple: Women can smell your insecurity! For example, if you stand next to her in the club, sip on your drink and look at her again and again, she will notice that you are always thinking about her. She sees that you are insecure because you do not dare to talk to her. With that you have actually already lost. Therefore: Talk to her within 3 seconds. The other reason why you should do this is that you are thinking way too much about it. You constantly come up with reasons for why you shouldn’t talk to this woman which you shouldn’t and at the end of the day or evening you haven’t talked to any woman at all. Because of this: Don’t hesitate for too long, talk to a woman within 3 seconds and consider that it doesn’t matter what you are saying. It depends on HOW you talk to her.

How To Approach A Girl You Don’t Know? What is important?

It’s not the actual message that matters, but how you get it across. The women pay attention to pronunciation, charisma, your style and whether everything fits together and it doesn’t matter what you say, but how you speak to them in those 3 seconds. If you go to an event, party or gathering tonight and you see a woman you like, turn your head off and don’t think too long. Talk to her within 3 seconds. What you say doesn’t matter.

Approaching women – what should I say?

What happens when the 3 seconds are over? Imagine that you have been standing in the disco near her for a longer time. You are afraid of talking to her or you have just thought about it for too long. Just walk around the room and start all over again. The 3 seconds start again. You can also do this on the street, in clubs or at any other place. Just walk away for a moment, calm down, come back and then just start talking to her immediately. But exactly what do you say? A line that always everywhere is: “Hey, I noticed you from the beginning, but I really can’t think of anything and I just wanted to say hello!” On the street you can make it a bit more personal by simply saying the same thing, but for example saying that you noticed her because of her handbag or sunglasses etc. This way you are immediately in contact with her and you always have a chance to meet attractive women more quickly.

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