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Copy & Paste Templates

You´ll get two templates for your first message which will result into Casual Sex immediately. Decide which templates fits best to your style and send it to every women you like. You only have to fill in the name of the ladies into these two copy and paste templates.

For All Dating Apps – Not Just Tinder

The Pick Up Line won´t only work on Tinder but also on all the other dating apps and dating services. It’s not just for Sex on Tinder but generally for more easy sex from online dating.


You Don’t Have To Know Each Other For A Long Time

The ladies can only answer with a “yes” or a “no” to your first message. The will meet you after the your first text or not. After the “yes” you can have easily some sex from online dating and can safe yourself endless texting and chatting. 20% of all women will answer with a “yes” to this casual opener.

High Success Rate

More than half of all women will answer to your casual first message and more than 20% want to meet you instantly after you’ve texted them. Our success rate: 290 matches, 153 responses, 51 sex dates. But the Tinder Pick Up Line works only because we keep the access to the message exclusive. If the message would be available on YouTube, Facebook, Google & Co. for free, everybody would send the same message and affect your success. Only this way we can guarantee you the success of the Tinder sex message.

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Top Customer Reviews

The reactions to our Tinder message are overwhelming! Best see for yourself!

“Actually I´m not just looking for something special on Tinder, but it´s the game that thrills me. The success rate is really pretty high using this pick up line. Around 20% in my case.”

Mark R. (42), Detroit

“Works!! The message really works! Every hour a girl says yes responding to this message. Ok, maybe my look helps a little :PPP”

Daniel B. (22), Melbourne

„I´m just surprised, because it is so easy!”

Darius L. (27), Belo Horizonte

About the Author


For more than a decade I am now active on Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble and several different dating services. During that time I improved every opener to get as many responses as possible. Today I know exactly what works and which Tinder lines are just a waste of time. What I learned from over 2,500 matches on Tinder – you can learn today and use immediately. I texted with thousands of attractive women and dated hundreds of them in real life. And you can do that as well! It’s all about the opener and getting the conversation started. I guarantee you that you will get a lot more responses and dates from these 28 Tinder openers than ever before.


Frequently Asked Questions

“With the price, we keep the Tinder Pick Up Line exclusive and the circle of persons selected. If everyone would use the same message it wouldn’t work any longer.”

“You´ll receive the download link for the PDF file right after purchase to download it immediately.”

“Yes, the PDF file will be displayed correctly on every device.”

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