You are about to on your first date with her and now the question is, “First date, but what is there to do?” We got some ideas for you to make your first date a lot less complicated.

First Date Ideas At Night Or At Home: 13 Cheap First Date Ideas: 


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First Date Ideas At Night Or At Home: 13 Cheap First Date Ideas!

You have been texting her for a while and you get along well, now you want to meet up. The first date is approaching and the question is: what can you guys do on your date? First of all: Never go out for dinner or coffee! We will tell you here why you shouldn’t do that and what simple and uncomplicated ideas we have in store for you and your first date with her.

First date, what to do? Don’t go out for dinner or coffee!

Why should you not have dinner with her on the first date? It is very simple: You invest a lot of time and maybe some money into the evening. You might quickly realize that there isn’t a connection between the two of you, but you can’t just leave. You have to have a conversation, wait for the waiter, ask for the bill later and then of course think about whether you or not you will take over the bill. The whole date is dragged out, the evening becomes time consuming and expensive and you don’t know how it will turn out in the end. You are sitting opposite to each other all the time, talking about some boring stuff and the whole thing is starting to feel tedious. It’s the same with going out for a coffee. You meet up at a café, you sit across from each other and you’re just talking. In addition to that, you usually meet up in the morning or in the afternoon for a coffee. At that time of the day the atmosphere is generally quite different from going on a date in the evening, where you might be having an alcoholic drink.

First date, what to do? Spend some quality time with her.

On a first date, the most important thing is of course that you get to know each other and that you have fun doing so. There is a very simple way to arrange your date this exact way: Just have a drink in the evening! Of course you should think about it and prepare yourself accordingly and not just make a spontaneous suggestion. Find a trendy bar with a great atmosphere. Is the right music playing, are there any cool people there? Make sure you book a table for you and your girl. Find a table that allows you to sit right next to each other and not opposite to each other. It could also be a couch, for example. You are preparing the date in the best possible way. There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel or spend countless hours overthinking it.

You can realize this kind of date wherever you want. Whether you live in the village or in the big city, there is a bar everywhere. It is absolutely not necessary to go to the amusement park for the first date or to book any courses.

First date, but where to go? Search up 2 locations

First Date Ideas At Night Or At Home: 13 Cheap First Date Ideas! For a really successful date you need 2 really cool locations. We got a suggestion for you: First meet up at a nice bar to have a drink, get to know each other and have a great time. If you feel like everything is going well and you do not want to end the evening yet, go to a second bar. Check where there is a couch, because a couch will help you both get closer to each other more quickly. What more do you need for a successful date?

Anyway: Meet up in the evening, go to a cool bar where you know the music and the light will provide the right atmosphere. Then continue the night at a second location. What are you waiting for? Go meet up with her!

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