Questions for the first date, which ones can you ask? We’ll show you how you can use personality games to find out more about a girl without having seen her before and thus make your date more fun and relaxed.

First Date Conversation Starters  – Watch the video for all date topics and questions:


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First Date Conversation: 13 Starters, Topics & Questions For An Awesome Date!

Today we will tell you about two personality games that will help you find out a lot about your date without you ever having met her before. It’s all about your date imagining something in response to your questions, from which you can deduce exactly what kind of personality she has. There are no rules and no right or wrong answers. The only thing that is important here is the horse in “The Cube” and the beach in “The Beach”. As for all the other questions and answers, you don’t really have to remember the exact wording and you can skip them at any time. It is also important that you do not go into detail about negative emotions when playing these two games. It’s all about having fun and a great time together! “The Cube” was published in the original edition by Annie Gottlieb and Slobodan Pesic and is widely used in the field of psychology. “The Beach” was designed by us and is a unique secret which you can now share and try out for yourself.

Questions for the first date – The Cube

First Date Conversation Starters: How can you find out more about your date? Ask her if she has ever heard of “The Cube” – the dice game. Certainly not, although it is already quite common in psychology, but not on the first date. Then you tell her that it is an interesting personality game used in psychology to find out something about another person without having known them before and whether she wants you to find out something about her now, even though you do not even know her that well. She will agree, because she has never done anything like this before. You will tell her to imagine a few things and she will answer your questions.

Questions for the first date – The Beach, our evolutionary game

First Date Topics & Questions: You would like to know what the questions are about and why this was really well received on our dates? Then check out our YouTube video about it now, where you will also see a recording of a date with these games. You can also download our GIRLS! Online Program and find out all the details that will help you out on your first date! It’s all about positive emotions and if negative emotions do appear, you can easily skip them. In the end, it’s all about what that beach tells you and how your date responds to it! Go ahead and try it out now!

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